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These are some of my original posts. They describe my early experiences with RA.

breast cancer was next

Where have I been all this time? November 5th I had a follow up CT scan and between April and November, I developed breast cancer. There was a quick response in the medical community to this development. The next Monday I had a mammogram, an ultrasound and a biopsy all in one day. By Wednesday I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. The next Monday I met with the surgeon. Then on Tuesday I had a MRI and met with the medical oncologist and then on Thursday I met with the radiology oncologist. Busy! November 25th I had surgery. I had a lumpectomy to be followed by radiation(statistically same results as a mastectomy).  A sentinel node biopsy had no additional cancer cells. However, up to 30% of those with negative nodes already have micro metastasis. My cancer biomarkers:  estrogen positive, progesterone negative, Her-2/neu negative.  Next is the oncotype breast test. It took a month for them to finally tell me my cancer samples were damaged and they were unable to perform the test. Next stop …

RA diagnosis reflection

Overwhelmed with pain I began my rheumatoid arthritis odyssey. I had no clue what was wrong. I was in such pain that I just wanted it to go away. I ended up in the ER and was sent to a rheumatologist. Poly-arthritis was certain. After many tests and a trial of 30mg of prednisone, I was diagnosed  with rheumatoid arthritis. My sedimentation rate and my c-reactive protein were off the charts. My left hand was swollen to almost double in size. It seemed to have started in my left shoulder. It quickly progressed to both hands, wrists, shoulders, ankles, feet, left elbow. Also my clavicle joints were affected.

RA is a frame of mind

When I had a severe episode of RA in December, I was in so much pain that coping day to day was my only focus. As the diagnosis of RA was made clear and treatment commenced, I had to learn as much as I could. I also needed to understand my situation. I turned to the best book I could ever recommend to someone who is new to RA. It is called The First Year Rheumatoid Arthritis by M E A McNeil The book explains a lot. And equally important it helps a person shape a healthy attitude toward  RA It helped me take charge of my illness in a healthy, positive manner. Another pain free day. I am in paradise!