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Bad RA Ads and my memory palace

Last week I read an article about advertising by RA drug companies. The writer was upset by how those with rheumatoid arthritis were portrayed. In the ad they were able to mountain climb and participate in an active sports life after taking the drug. She felt that is not the way it is with RA. She felt she was lucky to be able to get around. She felt the ads were not accurate portrayals of a person with RA. She was angry.

I agree with her. She had a right to be affronted by the ads. She has a chronic expensive, debilitating and painful illness. Coping is hard. The RA ads are fantasy productions. They give the wrong impression. The problem is her anger does her no good. It assaults her body with the negative. She is not helping herself.

One of my favorite coping mechanisms is distraction. It is very helpful. But there are times when a body is full of aches  and tired to the bone. Distraction doesn’t help. It almost hurts.

That is when  I visit my memory palace. I sit in a comfortable chair and close my eyes. In my mind I walk up the path to my white house with its two gables. There is a blue sky against the green freshly mowed grass. My house has many rooms I love to visit. But today I stop at the wraparound porch. I curl up on the pink and green glider. I feel the gentle breeze as the glider moves back and forward. My eyes relax. My body loosens its tight grip. I enjoy the rhythm of the glider. I watch as tiny hummingbirds visit crepe myrtle flowers nearby.  My cares slip away. I start to feel better. Life is good again.

Taking care of our bodies sometimes mean letting go of the bad stuff.

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