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Wound clinic week 8 negative pressure continues as does RA.

This week at the wound clinic one of my nurses said, “You really did a number on yourself.” I would have to say it was my stool that did a number on me. But I agree my wound is a bad one. It really hurts when they pulled off the wound suction attachment and then the granufoam dressing that looks like a sponge covering my wound. No getting around that one. They were not happy with my progress. Still about 240 cc. of drainage. The difficult spot is unchanged. They all agree that progress would be much slower without the 3M ACTI V.A.C. So, I came home again with my little machine and my mile of tubing.

We went through the VA drive through for our fifth covid shot. Quick. I am at very high risk for the virus. We still wear our masks too. Four hundred people are dying every day. Elderly, those immune compromised and those unvaccinated. Four hundred mostly unnecessary deaths. Sad.

My stove finally died. It was twenty-six years old. Happy for me. I longed for a stove with the variable temperature burners, a window in the oven door, a better oven. My stove refused to give it up. It was the oven that finally went. I bake frequently so consider an oven a necessity. We found a Samsung with the bells and whistles. And we bought it when Lowes was having a good appliance sale.

My short break from my RA symptoms has passed. Joint pain. Knuckles, fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles, feet. My degenerating spine kicks in to keep my joints company. As you can see it is an overall thing. It makes me feel sick. The pain is tough but the global inflammation makes it feel much worse.

Doctors have no idea how to manage pain but they refuse to admit it. The latest they have, is to say it doesn’t really exist. It’s all in our head. Apparently, my body did not get the message. Pretty much all my joints hurt and they are not in my head.

What works for me? Sometimes nothing. Distraction usually helps. Tramadol helps me. It doesn’t always help someone with RA. Medrol helps. Actemra helps.

But both are dangerous drugs. We end up taking them because we are so desperate for relief. People have heart attacks and die from Actemra. It does not have a black box warning for heart disease yet. Roche, a Swiss company, would prefer that it never does. Genentech is the subsidiary of Roche that makes Actemra in America. Actemra is the fifth most profitable drug for Roche.

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  1. Pain. I get it! I took four pain meds after my recent hip surgery and finally had relief. Pain is all consuming. Folks who’ve never had it can’t understand. It’s a lonely experience. I agree distraction helps—confuse those neural pathways. Enjoy your new stove! I have a new one and it may stay new. It’s been four years since my cook husband passed away, and I still haven’t taken over his role.


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