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Week seven venous insufficiency

The wound clinic visits are getting to be a routine part of our life. Week 7.  My Texas son asked why it takes so long to heal. The nurses asked if he had seen it. The wound is over seven inches wide by two inches. First of all it is a very big gash. Too big for stitches. Just popped open on impact.

Venous insufficiency happens when the little valves in the veins stop working as they should. Blood has a hard time making its way back to the heart. It seeps through the walls of the veins and settles in nearby tissue. So when my lower leg hit the stool the plumped-up tissue opened forcefully with a large, jagged cut.  It has been draining ever since. This week it has drained eight ounces. There is no infection.

There is a particular spot that isn’t doing well. One of the nurses called it ground zero. They added another something to the wound. They refitted the 3M negative pressure dressing, hooked me back up to the machine.

They are impressed with how far I have come. They expected the duration to be a long one.  So did I. I know how wounds work. Tricky. They require endless patience.

Francis is settled on a pillow next to me. He is very much like a child. If something is bothering  me, it troubles him. Best to be calm.

David is doing the cooking. His salads are very good. I miss baking something. I look forward to my return to the kitchen.

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