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Wound Clinic week five

My nurses were very happy with my progress. Better than most they said. Replacing the suction dressing was not as painful this week. The wound looked good to me also. No more dead tissue. Granulation present. But no,  I couldn’t stop the ACTI V A C wound suction. Maybe two more weeks.

My first two days were exhausting. Worried about the alarm going off and what it meant. Keeping the long tubing corralled. I discovered the machine alarms the first two days because there is air in the system from the changeout. Turning it off for a minute or two gives it the needed time to reset. After that it is fine except for an occasional false alarm.

Now I am a pro. My concern is with the tubing and that has become manageable. It is amazing what we will get used to. Yet, after our Monday eye appointments, I returned home exhausted. It is also amazing the toll this accident has taken on me.

It was a freak accident. One that could not be anticipated or avoided. Frustrating. Most of my health issues stem from complications from cancer treatment or from my rheumatoid arthritis. This was just an accident. So I am taking it easy. Waiting to heal. Reading through Daniel Silva’s twenty-two Gabriel Allon adventures.

My favorite authors were Preston and Child and their Pendergast series. Now my favorite is Daniel Silva who is best known for his Gabriel Allon series. His central character is an art restorer and a secret agent. His books are filled with the art world in Europe while chasing down lost Old Master paintings and bad guys. Good escapism.

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