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The wound clinic week four

I am one day out.  I watch liquid move along the drainage tube from my wound winding its way on its long way to the drainage canister of my 3M ACTI V.A.C. It moves in short bursts.  I am fatigued so I sit here and watch it move. I wonder how much liquid there will be. My leg hurts, aches with bits of sharp stabs.

I was  a little worried  about this appointment. The nurses decided last week that my wound needed help healing. So they ordered an ACTI V. A. C. It arrived. They set it up yesterday at week four at the wound clinic. Present were my regular three RNs plus a nurse from the hospital and a nurse from the university observing.

My wound looks like a slab of raw meat. Setting up a suction on top of it was not a comfortable process.  First, my nurse cuts a V.A.C. granufoam dressing that looks like a sponge into the shape of my wound. Then she covers it with a V.A.C. drape and applies a pressure sensing pad attached to a drainage tube.

My leg is wrapped in a soft felt like fabric. Then all is sealed in with an adhesive wrap that looks like a modern-day ace bandage sticky on one side. The tubing is attached to the canister of a portable negative pressure machine. It is turned on and I am ready for the week. I am told how to change the canister and how to troubleshoot leaks. Then I am sent on my way.

The negative pressure will remove lymph as it drains from the wound and will encourage healing by drawing the edges together and promoting the formation of granulation tissue. I hope this doesn’t take too long. Cords and tubing are not compatible with my less than graceful nature. Fortunately, I am able to sleep with this and my son is doing the cooking for another week. My RA continues to be in a holding pattern with the help of Actemra. So, I am lucky at this point. My concern is being too sedentary. It is hard to be very active with a long tube and a cord attached to a two-pound negative pressure machine. Lucky for me I enjoy reading.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Wow Mary can anything else happen? Hope it works and you get better fast.



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