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The weekend scare

We had a little scare this weekend. Our AC stopped working. It seemed especially scary since we are in the hottest part of our summer, a week in the low 100s. Four years ago Signature Heating in Albuquerque replaced our AC and our furnace. Why did it stop working now? Our AC should be fine.

Our reliable serviceman arrived and within two minutes fixed the problem. A drain had clogged. What drain? I have no idea. But the AC stops working  when this drain  clogs to prevent an overflow. He said we need to have yearly maintenance to prevent this sort of thing from happening. We had been in the process but the pandemic happened. So now we are on an annual schedule.

We are fortunate to have air conditioning. We have refrigerated air not the original swamp cooler. Swamp coolers had been popular in New Mexico. They work in low humidity climates. However, as our humidity has increased over recent years, swamp coolers are less efficient. I had replaced ours years ago.

Our weather has changed in two ways. The first is our long-standing drought. We did have a good rain recently, but it was our first in over six months. The soil becomes more alkaline as it dries out. It is less friendly to cultivation. My gardening is pretty much restricted to pots this year.

We have always had the pleasure of cool summer nights in the 60s. No longer. Last night it was still over 90 at nine pm. Most nights have moved up from the 60s to the 70s. Still not bad. But not as good. We consider ourselves fortunate.  We have air conditioning and we can afford it. We stay comfortable but we don’t take it for granted.

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