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Albuquerque progress and RA

In Albuquerque we are already in the nineties. Early. The fires are bad this year. I am growing plants in pots with morning sun only. The heat has become more intense with each passing year. Gardening has changed as I have changed.

I started out with hydroponics this spring. Keeping my gardening active but on a smaller scale. I added a little cherry tomato seed. I love this seed. It was the first tomato I had grown from seed. I had gotten the seed packet in a special NE program designed to encourage people to grow their own food. I had found the program on Facebook.

This Tasty Treat tomato was originally offered in a gardening package for children by Burpee. It is no longer offered. The world’s loss. It is amazingly easy to grow and it is very sturdy. So my little tomato seed was happy in its hydroponic water. It did what seeds do. It germinated. Popped little green leaves and kept growing.

 It graduated to a little pot. It kept growing and is now outdoors in morning sun in a big pot. Two in fact. One for me and one for the squirrels. The plants are in cages. One will soon be netted. I see the squirrel checking the progress daily.

My rheumatoid arthritis has had wide swings this week. I had two days where the pain and stiffness was so bad, I could think of little else. I found I still could read Daniel Silva. A good RA distraction. He has written twenty-three books with Gabriel Allon, an art restorer and Israeli agent, as the main character. Mr. Silva is an excellent storyteller. The stories frequently take place in Europe and talk about art.  I have always gotten his books from the Albuquerque public library, digitally. Candy for the mind.

Today was Actemra day. I have an ACT pen. Looks big and intimidating but it would be good for those who are afraid of needles. You don’t actually see the needle. You just press the pen on the skin and press the plunger. It does most of the work for you. I have days where I still have pain and stiffness, but it is in a state where I can pursue favorite activities.


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