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Covid, those at risk and the unvaccinated

People who say they are tired of covid and its restrictions have never had cancer or a chronic disease. There are many  people who have one or both and that  includes me. If you have cancer, you have no choice but to follow the treatment. If you want to live, that is. If you have a chronic disease or if you are disabled, you are stuck with it. You can say you are tired of it but it will always be there.

I have lost patience with those who angrily protest mask wearing. Death doesn’t care about your politics. Wearing a mask is a simple solution that will put one more barrier between us and covid. My last cancer cost me a year of my life. In the spring I had two surgeries. I spent the summer going to the cancer hospital for a treacherous cocktail of chemotherapy where among other things I lost my hair. I went into the fall with a round of invasive radiation therapy. It took a long time to recover. I am happy to say the doctors killed my cancer. I didn’t complain. I was too busy trying to stay alive. There are many out there having the same struggle right now. They don’t need to be infected with covid from a person who is unprotected. They have enough on their plate.

I have an autoimmune disease. I am on Orencia, a biologic. My immune system is suppressed. I am at considerable risk for getting covid. I would hate to think I could get sick and die because some fool didn’t get immunized. Colin Powell died because he was exposed to someone who was unvaccinated. Many people are  dying before their time. It is sad and so unnecessary. We can thank the unvaccinated for most of it.

The virus keeps changing. We need to change with it. Now we need boosters. My son and I have ours. Only the booster will protect us from the new one, Omicron.  Consider it the third in a series to protect yourself, those in cancer treatment, those with an autoimmune disease and the children who don’t have a vaccine yet.

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