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Real Life and RA

Having a debilitating, chronic disease makes me much more aware of others who struggle to have a normal life with a chronic disease. For those who have RA,  pain is a central issue. The exhaustion that comes with inflammation is also the issue. Life becomes a daily struggle for those who wake up in pain, and who need to make that pain manageable so they can carry on with their daily duties of children and/or work.  Depression is common among those with RA. Easy to see why.

I am not easily depressed. I can see too many of the little pleasures of life that make it worth the downside. But there are moments when the struggle to put pain in its place becomes just too much to live with. That is a big, clear signal for a time out. I can have a time out and so can many who have family to take the children or have a job where hours are flexible. But there are many who are  scraping by so need to work, just to keep up the health insurance and to keep food on the table.

What to do?  What works for me is to change something.  Anything. Something small. Break the rut for a day. Take the kids to the park for a PB&J supper. Give the baby a bath early not at bedtime. Stop by the library on the way home from work and check out a book on a topic you are curious about. Maybe herbal remedies. Change your routine. Try it. No miracle. No fairy godmother swooping in. Just you. Making life livable for you.

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Woman, friend, mother, RN, photographer, gardener, writer, researcher, observer, swimmer. Pretty much the same as everyone else with my own little twist to things. RA, and three cancers and counting. Life is good despite the obstacles. It's worth the ride just to see the infinite variations of the human spirit.

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