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RA doctor visit

Here in sunny Albuquerque we are expecting the thermometer to hit 104 this week. It is that time of year where hanging out in the house is a good idea. 90 is livable but once it passes 92, it is just too hot. My son is keeping the garden watered so we won’t have any plants that succumb to heat stroke.

I finally connected with my RA Doc.  After x-rays, blood work and an exam, she can see the excruciating pain that I am in. She is thinking hip replacement. Tomorrow I have an MRI. I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon early in July. In the mean time she ordered Percocet and said to call if I needed more. I guess this is the holding pattern until the next step is reached.

I am amazed that the pain is so immobilizing. I am still trying to do some restorative yoga, but there is something not moving the way it should so I am going with forward bends and shower wall push ups. Maybe downward Dog.

My doc wants me off Medrol. I am at 8 mg and will go to 4 mg tomorrow. It is possible  I have avascular necrosis of the hip. Probably due to four years of prednisone. Wish she had told me that this was a possibility.

I looked avascular necrosis of the hip up and found the People’s Pharmacy and an extensive list of people who have symptoms just like mine who were also prescribed prednisone.

As my Medrol is decreased the burning in my hands has gone to pain in the hands. My feet are numb except for my middle toes which are in pain. I will miss the steroids.

My RA inflammation is four years and counting.


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