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MY RA Book


I am making progress! I started writing a book on RA a year ago. I have deep experiences as a patient. I have read extensively. I have written extensively. I have read much about other people living with the challenges of RA.  However, my book is starting to look like a textbook. This is not my intention.

Fortunately for me I read a short book on organizing a kindle non-fiction book. It all made sense and I am now ready to go. I plan to have my book up and ready by midsummer.

Unfortunately,  my RA is on a steady progressive course. I have tried most of the drugs on the list for RA and only a select few work. I am not one of the fortunate ones who make stunning progress with the biologics. I am grateful that they do work for some. Still I have to plod along my own RA path.

My book will put together the RA basics for a grounded base. It will discuss the role of advocating for yourself as vital to your progress. It will discuss strategies and self help to aid you on your journey. It will have suggested reading and suggested websites.

I remember when I was diagnosed. Information was given to me on a need to know basis. I needed to know so much more.  I searched the internet looking for the clues that would tell me what would happen to me.

Finally, I have answers and I would like to share them. They will be featured in my book.

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