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Orencia seven infusions

Both are effective; I choose infusion.

Both are effective; I choose infusion.

Next week I will have my 8th Orencia infusion. My time in the infusion center is about an hour. It is usually uneventful.  I am given benedryl, pepcid and another little pill I was told was for allergies. Blood is drawn for inflammation markers, C-Reactive Protein and SED rate, metabolic panel and CBC.

Since I have been having the infusions, my neutrophils have become normal. My joint swelling has been greatly diminished. My pain levels have been reduced.

I do have a weird cough. It is weird because when I enter a space away from home, I start coughing. It goes on for a bit and finally comes under control. Sometimes I feel like I have the flu, but I don’t.

I still don’t have as much energy as I would like. I do have some RA problems. Still I am better than I was before the Orencia.

I went to a number of online communities to see what others were experiencing with Orencia. There were many miracles. Good results. There were some with the same cough, flu like response that I have. There was one who went into anaphalactic shock on her 17th infusion. There were many who had serious problems with headache. There were some who had rash and itching problems.

I also read several studies on Orencia. I am also on methotrexate injections.

The results of the study at six months:   67% had a 20% improvement in symptoms; 45% had a 50% improvement; and 14% had a 70% improvement.

So a 100% improvement does’t seem likely.  So the expectation might not be a miracle  but a good improvement in symptoms.

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