An RA toolbox
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Massage and RA

Garrett is amazing.  He is tall and lanky. Arty. Welcoming. He is a student at the ABQ School of Massage and he gave me a massage at their free cancer clinic. I remember my first experience. Coming out of the massage room, I felt renewed.

Massage therapy started as a new adventure for me.  My RA needed help.  So did I.    Massage therapy seemed like a good thing to try. I made the appointment.

After the first massage,  I received an email from Garrett asking if I would be the subject of his case study on Rheumatoid Arthritis. I would receive six free massages. He would ask me questions about my RA.  Of course, I said yes.  I needed another tool in my RA toolbox. I am a lucky woman.  My adventure continues.

Today was my 5th massage. I follow the routine of each massage. I check off my choices on Garrett’s  before pain scale sheet. Next I undress in the massage room and slide under the sheet and blanket.  Lights are low.  A quiet space.  I lay on my belly which is surprisingly comfortable.

Garrett places warm packs on my hands and on my supported feet. My body loves the heat. He measures my arms for his notes. He massages my back, legs.

He removes the  warm packs. He massages each finger, each hand, each wrist, each arm. Next he massages each toe, each foot, each ankle, each leg. I flip over and he reapplies the warm packs. He works my neck and also my jaw which has RA and feels greatly improved after Garrett’s work.

Each nook and cranny of my body feels alive and appreciated. I dress. He has a cup of water and the after pain scale sheet waiting.

Thank you, Garrett.  Now I understand the value of massage in the management of RA.

Massage  stimulates my  circulation, my lymphatic system. It feels indulgent. It is incredibly relaxing. It reminds my body that it can feel good.  It is the favorite tool in my RA toolbox.

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