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A gift from heaven

When I saw his face I knew instantly that we would be a great match. He had that feisty, can take on the world look. Round face, green eyes, tabby markings in a huge Main Coon Cat.

Core re-centering. Strong and capable again. A green eyed wonder.

I saw his face on the Animal Humane Website. I met the photographer who had taken his photograph, a volunteer. I did not get that image, but it had been the one that drew me in.

I went cross town to the Animal Humane site on Virginia. I looked for him. He was not in the general cat areas. It was the photographer who found him. On his kennel was a sign: You choose your price.

He was on the higher shelf. I invited him down. He came. Gorgeous face. His body had been shaved except for his head and a big puff at the end of his tail. He was a bag of bones.  He was 8 years old, deserted and on the big decline.

I took him home. Now he eats a breakfast of fish and a dinner of Blue buffalo wild.  He happily takes any tidbits he is offered. He loves to be loved. He is a gentleman. Well behaved. His Name is Antoine.

His fur becomes fuller each day. He is no longer bony. He is strong and sturdy. He sleeps on my bed. Sits in the window in different parts of the house. Watches cats pass through the yard.

hair starting to grow

I had wanted a cat all this year. I could not get one. My friend just had to show up. Finally, he did. I am not well enough to care for  a bouncy dog nor a little kitten. Antoine is perfect for me. He gives much love and asks little. We are lucky we found each other.

Hopefully, you too find those special little things in your life that make it so worth while.





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