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what website has the best RA info

RA Just sayin


Maneuvering the tangled jungle of internet information can be extremely frustrating. There is a lot of misleading information by reputable sites.  A lot of information is summarized and then vaguely  jumps to  faulty assumptions.  All this adds to our confusion.


Reputable resources may vaguely summarize information for patient information sheets.

The American College of Rheumatology is a good  resource for general information about  RA.  However, patient information sheets are generalized and vague.  I wonder if the science writers think we are too dumb to get the real stuff.  A lot of our confusion about RA stems from getting peace meal information that is vague.  Rheumatologists actually do use the 2010 Rheumatoid Arthritis Classification Criteria to assist diagnosis.  Why don’t they tell us about it?  It sounds pretty black and white to me.  PubMed comments on the criteria show how the new criteria is the game changer tool to diagnose RA. The classification tree of the 2010 Rheumatoid Arthritis Classification Criteria is worth checking out.

Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center is a respected source of Rheumatoid Arthritis information.  Check out their patient information site.  It is clear and helpful. The site’s explanation of what is happening to the body with RA is well thought out.

Be careful of pharmaceutical companies posing as RA info sites. Their information may be grossly slanted to support their company interests.

The Arthritis Foundation has some good information but it is a busy site and  may be misleading to someone new to RA.  Check out their site.

Here were just a few thoughts on why we can be left more confused than ever after cruising the web. It’s not because we are just too dumb to understand these things. It is because we are being fed vague information. The clear info is available.  We just have to be more discriminating on what information we are willing to accept.

Lab tests on line link:                                                                                                                            A respected site to give you information about lab tests you have had done.

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