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Mojo Energy

Today I graduated from my Thrive Program. More energy. More attitude. Better balance. Sleeping improved.  Mojo ascending!   The last couple of years have been tough for me.  RA that won’t settle down. Two surgeries. Two radiation treatments. I needed a jump start to get me off the couch and back in the game.   My plan is working.

Mojo Energy

Mojo Energy

For the last 7 weeks I have been in a program where I am in a class or working out 5 days a week. I graduated early as the class is normally three days a week for 10 weeks. The great thing about this program is that although it is scaled to physical recovery, it is a thorough workout.

This is week eight. My plan changes a little. M W F  I am in group exercise at the Presbyterian Healthplex in Albuquerque. Friday is zumba day. Tuesday and Thursday I lap swim at Defined Fitness. I started yesterday at 18 lengths. This is a lifetime program.

It hasn’t been easy. I have been worn out. Have had some trouble with hand and feet joints. Nausea from an RA medicine. A few muscle issues left from radiation. However, I kept on moving every day. I am getting stronger.

I am a big soccer fan. This has been a thrilling week. Finally soccer on ESPN! I watch all the games. Marvel at the incredible endurance of a soccer play. And I’m working hard for some of my own.


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