Month: March 2014

Cancer Care Yoga

Today I trekked over to Nob Hill for High Desert  Yoga’s  Cancer Care Class. Goes from 11:16-12:15. Given by the expert Patti Lentz. Restorative. with breath work. Perfect and therapeutic for me as I am in a state where I have very little energy but I do need to move my body. My trouble comes in also with rheumatoid wrists and very bad rheumatoid feet and toes. Still adjustments can be made and the benefits of yoga enjoyed. I thank Patti and the extra bonus is that this class is free.

Radiation done for BC and now on to RAI

I did it. My radiation was done at MD Anderson, a satellite at Presbyterian here in Albuquerque. I give them 5 stars. Thorough, expert and thoughtful. I had the three week plan which is double the dose of the six week plan. Fifteen treatments and then five more as a burst. First you go in for a simulation where they determine the coordinates for the beam. They do a CT scan and they make a mold so your arm and body stay in the same exact place each time. My routine was to enjoy my mini road trip to the East side. Good music and turbo and stick. Showed my cancer card when I arrived. Made a Kurig coffee. Checked on the gold fish(no longer in residence). Changed into a gown. Visited with my fellow cancer patients. Greeted  my favorite cancer machine techs. Lay  on the table, bare the boob(by this stage this is no problem), arm in mold. Position checked. Everyone leaves except me and the machine(friendly for a machine). I got two zaps. …