An RA toolbox
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I am seeing a therapist who has introduced me to the ACT program. It is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I  had read something about it a few months ago.

It had made me angry. My pain and fatigue was so bad I could not see that seeing things in another perspective would help me.

That has changed. For now my joints are usable and my pain is tolerable. It might not last long but I had three days in a row where I felt normal. So I then found myself tired of the whole chronic illness thing.  I wanted to spend my energy on living not surviving.

My visit to Dr Flippit was good timing.  ACT is about accepting the situation you are in. It is not resigning yourself. It is realizing your situation is here to stay. And instead of fighting it, you can learn  to live with it so you too can have a life. I am at the front end of the program. I see it as helpful.

If you read about it and want to burn the book after you tear up the pages into tiny pieces ( I am normally mild mannered) then it may be too soon for you. Reconsider it when you are feeling just a bit better. It is another tool in the tool box.

My surgery is on the 16th. My concern is having a setback. I feel I am just figuring out the RA thing. Now I have the big C added to the pot. My blessings: I am fortunate to have excellent doctors. I am fortunate to have a loving family and people who care about me. I am fortunate to have good insurance and enough money to cover the rest.

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