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RA keep on dancing

With osteoarthritis movement means pain because of joint damage. It is tough to deal with.

With RA moving the joints is good for them. Movement increases circulation. It  will ease the pain. If you have joint damage already,  this won’t work as well.

On the way to the kitchen to make my morning coffee, I am moving my fingers, moving my toes, moving whatever will move. It helps me. Gets the kinks out. Lessens the pain.

Keep on movin’ and dance when you can.


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Woman, friend, mother, RN, photographer, gardener, writer, researcher, observer, swimmer. Pretty much the same as everyone else with my own little twist to things. RA, and three cancers and counting. Life is good despite the obstacles. It's worth the ride just to see the infinite variations of the human spirit.


  1. I have so much tendon involvement that movement is a tricky issue. It seems like walking too much causes the tendons in my ankles to inflame and I pay for it. Catch 22.


    • I am sorry to hear about your tendon involvement. It doesn’t sound like walking is the answer for you. You have a physical therapist in your family, don’t you. Maybe, you could see a PT who understands RA.

      I had a very hard time getting back into exercising at all.It was the total pain and then the fatigue. I had good fortune with a PT. She had been on an arthritis team at one time.

      Overtime she helped me develop a plan that includes gentle yoga, the ball, the bands. I went to warm water PT to learn what I could do when I couldn’t do laps.

      All in all very helpful. She also taught me to slow down. Getting overtired which is very easy to do makes my situation worse. I am learning to change. It actually feels good.

      You can’t walk on painful tendons. However, maybe you could walk a third or a quarter of what you have tried. Be a turtle! You will eventually get there.


      • Son-in-law is a PT. Daughter is OT. She is all about preserving my joints and advising me on aids to buy to help with that. She recommended a OTC splint for my trigger finger and it worked! Sometimes I wonder what is RA and what is just getting old. lol


      • Getting old is not about being in pain. Many men and women live well into their 90s living very active lives.

        RA is tough. It is a balancing act. Not for the weak of heart or one without a sense of humor. Still, it’s hard not to be discouraged occasionally.

        If you are discouraged, you might be overdoing it. Pamper yourself. Be extra good to yourself. Treat yourself.You definitely deserve it. When you take good care of yourself, life will feel less hard.

        Protecting your joints also means keeping your joint capsules strong. Think ligaments, tendons and muscles. Simple stretching will help when you cannot do anything else.

        When I wake up in the morning,I am usually rested. My bed is warm and cosy. In January it was the rack for me. Big improvement.

        When I wake up I know for sure my hands, wrists and feet will hurt. However, beyond that, morning is a big surprise.
        My left hand used to be a problem. Now my right pointer is swollen double, my wrist is hot. Next week, it will be my left foot. Keeps life exciting.

        In some way I feel really good. I do feel energized and enjoy the moment as it will only last so long and it will change.

        I enjoy each day for what it brings. The very best things are the little things of each day.

        Chin up! Pamper yourself. Move those joints. A simple stretch will do. Talk to you again.


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