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Yoga and flexibility

Yesterday when I posted I forgot to enter a title. The title became 406. Now it is up to date and worth checking out.                                                                                                          

Today was a day off from work. Pain free, except for feet issues in the morning, all gone by noon. I am back to my humble yoga practice. The joint flexibility feels really good.

I took many yoga classes over the years. Eventually, I developed my own routine. When RA hit me, it was impossible to do downward dog, a favorite. In fact I was so bad I couldn’t do any yoga. Fatigue wore me out. I worried about my flexibility. As I started to feel better, I started a therapeutic yoga. I am developing a routine that will keep my flexibility. It feels so very good.

Having my home practice is wonderful. It is still wise to take classes. It is refreshing and prevents sloppy habits from forming. Yoga in a small group has its own rewards.

I remember my first yoga class. It was at a health club I used. You could join classes without signing up. I saw that a yoga class was starting. I thought I would try it out. I had the good fortune to meet the best yoga teacher on the planet.  She welcomed me. She said we are at our own place and we do not even compete with our own body. The class was intermediate.

I got a mat and kept coming back. My memories of my yoga teacher are fond ones. She eventually went to Costa Rica to teach at a yoga retreat. I wish her well. I have had many yoga teachers since. None compare to her.

It has been raining during the evening in Albuquerque for the last month. It feels great after our long drought. The high humidity doesn’t seem to affect my joints. Lucky me.

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