Month: July 2013

RA visit to physical therapist

Monday I had my first appointment with physical therapist, Christine. Dr. R had sent me for the evaluation. She thought instruction in the warm pool of the Health Plex would help me. I had other motives, too. My first concern was stability when walking. My second was avoiding losing the flexibility I had worked so hard to maintain over the years. My third was getting enough physical activity while dealing with RA fatigue. Christine talked with me, checked me over. She has already reviewed my chart.

Rheumatoid arthritis feet

My very first signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis were swollen, painful feet. On hindsight, it made sense to me. Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center says frequently RA starts in the small joints. The hands, the feet, the wrists are likely candidates as starting points. The foot has 26 bones. Many of those bones are small bones with small joints.  Imagine all those little guys in your feet each with joint lining inflamed and swollen. Ouch!