RA and thyroid CA
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RA with thyroid cancer

My Doc ordered a lung scan when I said I was having trouble with breathing. Dr R ordered it because methotrexate can cause lung issues. She ordered it because she is thorough. I now know that I have nodules(aka tumors) in my lung. Something to be watched.

The scan also showed nodules on my thyroid. The follow up was an ultrasound of my thyroid and a referral to an endocrinologist.

Dr. L said the nodules were large and needed to be biopsied.

For a week prior to the biopsy, I had to stop the Meloxicam. Soon my pain level zoomed to an 8. I was miserable.

Dr R said that meant my drug protocol wasn’t working. She added sulfasalazine to my methotrexate and plaquenil. She also upped my prednisone from 8.5 to 12.5( a lifesaver). I could tolerate my situation through the biopsy.

I will need to write another day about my experience with the hundred needle( probably only 50)biopsy. Not my favorite procedure.

This took place on a Wednesday. Dr L expected the biopsy to be negative. So did I.  She agreed to call the following Wednesday with the results. Her nurse called Friday morning. I would need to come into the office that afternoon. I knew then.

There was no question about the cancer cells. Dr L talked about what would happen next. She was supportive and thorough. I was stunned.

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