RA and thyroid CA
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RA plus thyroid cancer equals stunned

Life changes instantly with a diagnosis of cancer.

I don’t feel invaded or betrayed by my body. I have always been happy with my body. No change there.

I am just plain scared. The more I read, the more I realize the possibilities. The more scared I am.

What will happen to me? Am I on the slippery slope? Is it all down hill from here?

Added to it all is the mention of possible lung involvement.

I visited my primary doc yesterday. He too brought up the lung issue. Scary.

My joints feel better than they had. That is a good thing.

Yesterday I went to PT also. I have decided to cancel the warm water pool that is on the other side of town. I cancelled the regular appointments, too. There was no charge for the appointment. Apparently,  my news had reached PT.

My therapist took me into a room to talk. C had just gotten back from leave. Her leave was to care for her mother who was dying of CA.  My situation must have been touch for her. We hugged. A hug will always make a person feel better.

We discussed the importance of exercise. We had a good talk. I decided to keep the PT appointments as long as I could. We rescheduled them. All the appointments had been changed to Christine, the head PT.

I am trying to figure out the no iodine diet, exercise to build me up, how to counteract the effects of having no thyroid and how my business can survive this.

I like my life just the way it is. I don’t want to lose what I have. I want things to stay the same. Just wish it would.

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