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RA and my thyroid

The doctors could see nodules on my thyroid in my lung scan.  They wanted to know more. Next step was an ultrasound of my thyroid. There were lots of nodules on my thyroid on the ultrasound.  I didn’t worry about it for two reasons. I was in a lot of RA pain. Solving the pain problem was my first priority. The second reason was that all my thyroid tests in the past had come back negative. I had no thyroid symptoms.

Dr R  had another point of view. She sent me to an endocrinologist.Dr L  said I would need a biopsy. She told me I had many large nodules. Protocol said nodules over a certain size needed to be biopsied. I had at least six. She scheduled my biopsy.

With sero negative rheumatoid arthritis there is always the possibility of an underlying CA.  I understand that both doctors are concerned.  I am, too.

It turned out to be an aggressive cancer. It was treated with surgery, radiation and pills for life. Plus it became one of the reasons that I could not be treated with the TNF inhibitors, like Humera.

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