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RA and Funny Feet

Rheumatoid arthritis frequently begins in the feet. I didn’t know that. I have had weird feelings in my feet. Numb? Foot pain when in bed? I thought I was getting some sort of neuropathy. My primary had no answer. After being diagnoses with RA, I started doing my homework. RA usually starts with the small joints in the hands and in the feet. Frequently the joints in the feet are first to be affected.

I had a hard time explaining to myself the feelings in my feet. I called them funny feet. Once I understood what is happening inside my joints, my funny feet made sense.

The joints are lined with a very thin, delicate lining called the synovium. The synovium is an important source of nutrients for the cartilage, and it also produces joint lubricants. RA causes the synovium to thicken, the joint cavity to become inflamed and the normal joint processes to be interrupted.

All my little joints in my feet are inflamed and swollen. It causes the strange feelings of fullness from the inside out. The funny feeling becomes pain when I am in bed.

So, my funny feet are feet affected by RA. They are swollen on the cell level. Consequently, the feelings are funny. My funny feet.

Johns Hopkins has solid information about Rheumatoid Arthritis. There is a wonderful, detailed explanation of the pathophysiology of RA at their site www.hopkinsarthritis.org.

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