An RA toolbox
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RA and Missing Days

Lene Andersen recently wrote Your Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis .  In this very helpful book, she discusses many of the very real issues RAers have and she has a good supply of solutions. She has had RA since 4 years old and is a wheel chair bound busy 44 year old. So she is speaking from practical experience.

I had a missing day Monday. Zero energy. I could do nothing and I am a busy girl.  I could still read and I did. I read James Patterson’s book,  The Twelfth of Never, cover to cover. Lene would say we should look at a day like mine and see the opportunity. I had the rare opportunity to sit and read a book leisurely. I took it. I didn’t feel bad that I didn’t go to a tai chi class on my schedule. I did what I could do. It worked. Going with the flow sometimes is the only way to go.

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