Old comments on my RA evolution
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methotrexate progress

My hands are flexible. Pain is at a three on a one to ten scale. With luck 25mg of methotrexate is stopping the progression of RA. Losing function is my big worry. Pain is next in line. I believe methotrexate is helping but I don’t know if it will be enough.

So far I don’t have the side effect that plagues many, stomach issues. That may be for several reasons. First Dr Reiter prescribed Prilosec. I have the generic version, omeprazole. She said I could have stomach bleeding and not know it. The medication helps. Next I have a ritual for taking the methotrexate. I take it Sunday evening as I am off work on Monday. I take four hours. My time. Watch a movie. Read a book. Make dinner. I have ten pills. I take one or two at a time over the four hours. Seems to work.

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