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RA: it’s still tough

April 21, 2013

Mary  JoI must admit I do have bad days.  Today is really one of them.  I do try to be optimistic. It can be hard.  Why is today bad?  First of all it is my day off from work.  It is sunny and 70 in Albuquerque.  Yet here I am exhausted and still in my nightgown and slippers.  My Jimmy hasn’t had a walk. I think about getting back in bed.

I have major sleep issues. I do fall asleep and I do sleep for up to 6 hours. That is much better than when I started this disease. For a long time  I couldn’t get to sleep and then would only sleep 2-3 hours at a time.  Occasionally, I do sleep for 7-8 hours which is great for me.  Six hours does work sometimes, just not today. I feel listless and fatigued.

Pain has improved in that I can sleep on my right side now. This is recent. For a long time the pull of my left shoulder was too painful not to be supported.

I do have a running pain level between 3-7 (1-10). I can tolerate it. My knuckles have been swollen for 4.5 months.  Joint damage in progress?

Today is methotrexate day. Usually, I’ll take it over 4-5 hours while watching a movie. Maybe I’ll start early.

Sorry for being a bummer. On my worst day, it is still much better than when this disease started for me.

Another thing I have learned is that there will be bad days but then there will be good days. Something to look forward to having.

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