Old comments on my RA evolution
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RA c-scan

April 18,2013

Mary  JoThe methotrexate must be working. I still have swollen hand joints. I still have pain that goes from a 3 to an 8 on a pain scale of 10.  However, I am walking my dog, doing yoga daily and am functional.

I have bad days and great days. I know both will happen. My health goals  are  to avoid joint damage and to optimize the functioning of this body that has serve me well over the years.

My chest CT scan results came back. They are posted on My Chart with my health care program. I don’t know what the results mean and I haven’t been called by my doctor.  I see that I do have nodules on my lungs and also on my thyroid.  (A biopsy of my thyroid turned out to be thyroid cancer.)  I have some atelectasis in my left lung.

I also have evidence of prior granulomatous disease with calcified granulomas in the spleen. I was told years ago that I had cavities in my lung due to histoplasmosis, caused by inhaling spores in soil. I was living in Nebraska at the time and loved to garden. This would account for it.

I have come to the conclusion that my approach to RA includes both the excellent work of my Rheumatologist and my work of optimizing my situation. I am ready for the next level. I need a name for it. It is my plan of action.

I am drinking lots of purified water( reverse osmosis and filtered available at Sprouts or most healthy food stores 25 cents a gallon). This is a great aid to the liver which is a big filter for your body.  All things considered with RA, your liver can use all the help it can get. Getting rid of all refined foods is another step. This is very hard to do for many reasons, but it is important.

I have to stop here as I need to dress, walk my dog and go to work.

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