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RA Pain

April 14, 2013

Mary  JoPain is a very big problem in RA. I am never without pain. The worst pain was in December where it felt like broken glass in my jointsPain scale was off the charts  at least a 15.  Movement was extremely painful.  Moving in bed was intolerable.  I couldn’t even pull my covers up.  I finally took off my down comforter as it was too heavy to move.

Now after 4 months I am in better shape. The pain varies from a 3 to an 8. I think of it as simmering when at 3. When it climbs, I worry. I also feel a little discouraged.

I look at my hands which are still swollen. They are in pain. I worry about joint damage. I worry about losing function. My wrists hurt. Both shoulders are a mess. My feet and ankles hurt. When I stand after sitting, my pelvic girdle joints will be stiff and hurting. I say this in commenting on how it is for me. I don’t dwell on it.  I am concerned about my outcome.  I do work full time, my own business. It keeps my attention. I love what I do and want to keep doing it. That is my concern.

Today is Sunday. I will take my 100# dog for a good walk. Finish my household tasks. Go to work for about 4 hours. Then I will settle in, take the methotrexate and watch a movie.

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