Old comments on my RA evolution
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my RA joints

April 3, 2013

Mary  JoThe first joints affected were probably the joints in my feet. Both my feet felt strange. Hard to describe. I thought it was a peripheral neuropathy.

The first joint to scream at me was my left shoulder. I thought it was wear and tear from lap swimming. Then my left hand was swollen and painful. My right hand joined in as did my right shoulder. Add very painful wrists. My clavicle joints are painful. My ankles too. Add my pelvic girdle. A mess. No knees yet.

My sed rate was 101 (norm 0-33) and my c reactive protein was 9 (norm <0.3) . Rheumatoid factor negative.

Add a low grade temp 99-100.9. This was my start with RA.

I have been on methothrexate for six weeks. I’m on 20 mg.  I  also take folic acid 1 mg daily.  I am still on prednisone 15mg.

The joints in my hands and wrists simmer at a 2-3. My left shoulder is always there too. When my right shoulder kicks in, I’m in trouble.

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