Month: April 2013

Pop off Pill Bottles

Stop smashing your pill bottles with a hammer. Stop prying them open with a screwdriver(my tactic). End the frustration of trying to get to your pills. Talk to your pharmacist.  They will use the old fashioned tops for you. I signed a paper saying that the pop offs were my preference, and all my pill bottles come this way. Easy end to a bad frustration.

RA: it’s still tough

April 21, 2013 I must admit I do have bad days.  Today is really one of them.  I do try to be optimistic. It can be hard.  Why is today bad?  First of all it is my day off from work.  It is sunny and 70 in Albuquerque.  Yet here I am exhausted and still in my nightgown and slippers.  My Jimmy hasn’t had a walk. I think about getting back in bed.