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RA Tough day

March 28, 2013

Mary  JoYesterday was really a challenge for me. I had increased pain.

I know that I am not doing well when my right shoulder starts bothering me.  My right shoulder usually is silent.  So here I am with increased pain. My hands hurt. My wrists hurt. My feet feel weird and my ankles hurt.

I had sleep. I am on Methotrexate. I am on Prednisone.  I am on Meloxicam. Yes, I do take fish oil.

Why more pain?

The worse part is I am back to feeling like the walking dead.  I had a very hard time getting through the work day yesterday.  It is discouraging.

I hope today is better.

I researched the progression of RA. Not much help as the professionals deal so much in generalities. They are vague.

I have read a lot of comments from individuals with RA.   It is helpful to me to know what is happening to real people with RA.  This is a scary disease as it is unpredictable.

I make progress. Then suddenly something changes. Something new. Something worse. Like yesterday.

I am reassured by the determination of others with RA.  It helps me when I feel discouragement.

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