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How my RA started

March 25, 2013

Mary  JoIn someways I am lucky that I had such an acute RA episode in December, 2012.  The severity of it was sudden, not expected and debilitating.  Scary.

It started with severe left shoulder pain, less in my right.  Also pain near my clavicles. My left hand was swollen like a large ball, my right hand, less.  Both my feet felt very weird.  I had an ongoing  temp 99-101. I could barely get dressed.  It was awful. I thought at first I was getting osteoarthritis in my shoulders because I had been a lap swimmer for years.

Through the month of December, I did try all the natural remedies I could come up with.  Heat helped but temporarily.

I ended up in urgent care. The Doc thought it was polyarthritis rheumatica, a form of arthritis, but didn’t think RA.  He said I needed tests and should see my primary.

Before I could get an appointment, I became worse. It was total agony just to be in bed at night.  That is when I ended up in the ER in my nightgown. Lots of blood tests, IV started, x rays.

I was given among other things, steroids IV. Felt better than I had in a long time.  I was given a prescription for prednisone and a referral to an excellent rheumatologist who was able to see me within 2 weeks.

My diagnosis followed in February.  As I started to pass the initial acute illness, my symptoms settled into the classic bilateral joint involvement.  Both hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, feet and ankles(so far no knees).

I am in the beginning of a solid treatment plan. I respect my Rheumatologist. I feel much better than I did. I know it will be a challenging future. Unpredictable. But I am dealing with it and have the good fortune to have started my treatment when I did.

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