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being team leader in RA

Mary  JoMarch 22, 2013

After my last dose of Methotrexate, my hands are not as stiff in the morning and the pain is less.  It is reassuring to me.  My son says I have a high pain tolerance.  With RA there always seems to be something going on.  I call it simmering.  Hands are the worst for me followed by my feet. There is a low grade aching in the morning. By afternoon I am much better. I am almost pain free. The pain  is hard to manage when it is sharp. So lucky for me it is mostly simmering.

What motivates me?  I completely understand that RA is a chronic, progressive disease. Without intervention, it will become debilitating, crippling and end in an early death.

I have a choice. I can let the disease overcome me. I can choose to keep the disease in check and continue on with my good life.  I choose the good life.  Keeping the progression in check is critical. It is possible.

The medical community can help. First  having a good rheumatologist is vital. I am fortunate that I have an excellent rheumatologist that I trust.  She is mainstream medicine.  I know that.  I also know I need her on my team.

I am team leader. I am getting a new education and will be an expert on my own RA.  I have learned a lot already. As time goes by I’ll share my knowledge and also my progress. I would love to hear from others with RA.

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