Old comments on my RA evolution
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Let’s Start with today

March 18, 2013

Mary  JoI have been on Methotrexate for five weeks. I am on it because my RA is severe. I am on it because it is an old tried and true RA drug with no surprises.  The current treatment approach is to stop RA in its tracks to minimize joint damage. The treatment approach is valid. It is a reversal of the old approach which was to start with pain relieving medications like Naproxin and work up. Prednisone in high doses wasn’t the answer either.  I am a beginner. I am on Prednisone 20mg , too. I take Folic Acid 1mg  a day to avoid Methotrexate side effects. I take the Methotrexate Sunday evening. I go to bed with a good movie and take one 2.5 mg pill every 45 minutes. I have no side effects so far.

Yesterday and last week it took until 2pm for my pain to go away. Until then I could not make fists with my hands. Today my pain and stiffness was gone by 10am. Much better. Labs last week were good although my c-reactive protein was still elevated. My Rheumatologist‘s goal for me is remission. I believe I can get there or close anyway.

This may sound silly, but I have found a way around RA fatigue. It is coffee which I love. Thank goodness it has beaten its bad rap. After a coffee at Barnes and Nobles, I came home and was able to transplant some of my snow peas to my garden. Without the coffee, I would have read a book instead.

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