Month: March 2013

Better day with RA

March  29, 2013 Today turned out to be a much better day with my Rheumatoid Arthritis body .  Felt good, even worked late. Had my energy back.  A big relief. My hands are still swollen and sore but a 2 or 3 sore. Not bad. I had thought my bad day was due to something I  ate. But what I ate was a comfort food for me that I never touch unless I am under the weather.    So it was probably the RA telling me it’s still there. I am over 60 and I am new to this autoimmune disease.     I cannot imagine what it would be like to get this and have young children at the same time.    It would be very hard. It is hard enough for me.

RA Tough day

March 28, 2013 Yesterday was really a challenge for me. I had increased pain. I know that I am not doing well when my right shoulder starts bothering me.  My right shoulder usually is silent.  So here I am with increased pain. My hands hurt. My wrists hurt. My feet feel weird and my ankles hurt. I had sleep. I am on Methotrexate. I am on Prednisone.  I am on Meloxicam. Yes, I do take fish oil. Why more pain?

How my RA started

March 25, 2013 In someways I am lucky that I had such an acute RA episode in December, 2012.  The severity of it was sudden, not expected and debilitating.  Scary. It started with severe left shoulder pain, less in my right.  Also pain near my clavicles. My left hand was swollen like a large ball, my right hand, less.  Both my feet felt very weird.  I had an ongoing  temp 99-101. I could barely get dressed.  It was awful. I thought at first I was getting osteoarthritis in my shoulders because I had been a lap swimmer for years.